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Welcome to our little corner on the web. We here at Emeralds and Jade are here to provide you with all of your Cosplay and plushie needs. We want to help you get that great costume you’ve always wanted, but perhaps couldn’t make yourself or just didn’t have the time to make yourself. We do our best to provide you with that perfect companion that might not be found in the dealers’ room at your local con, plushies of just about anyone you could ask for! We pride ourselves on giving you everything we’ve got and not taking your entire wallet in the process. Feel free to look around. We’re always open, and we’re always taking requests.

Update Information

May 12th: Working as quickly as possible to upload all of the newly completed pages. We've updated our convention list for the remainder of the year and finally added our accessories page. We're currently open for all orders. So send your requests our way!

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