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Feel free to look through our new plushie gallery and look through our example pages to see all of the reasons why our plushie have continually been met with approval. Below is all the important infomation you will need to know about ordering a plushie from us.

Here is a basic run down on prices for our Plushies:
15" plushies - $25
26" plushies - $40
36" plushies - $50

All of our plushies come complete with removable clothing and additional outfits are only $5 more!

Important Note: All prices listed in US dollars.

Unfortunately unless otherwise noted, we of Emeralds and Jade do NOT make this our full time business. Its somewhere in the future plans, however right now we both hold steady 40 hr/week jobs. So inevitably, life causes delays. We do our very best to get things completed in the time frame we set for ourselves, however no one is perfect.

We are always willing to take requests at any time in the year. We will have times when we will be too bogged down with orders that it will become difficult for us to work on as many costumes as are requested. We will always leave notes on this page when ordering is put on hold to catch up.

Plushie Examples
Schuldig from Weiss Kreuz
Kami from Malice Mizer
Leto-kun from Love Hina

Plushie Gallery
This is a large listing of all the plushie that we've completed to date.

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